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Food Box
Food Bank

In today’s society, it’s difficult to imagine people in our community going hungry.  However the reality is that in recent years people have or are getting plunged into financial crises, forcing them to go short of food to enable them to pay for other essentials and sometimes to feed their children in their place.

In response, we run a food bank to help on Wednesdays in the Church Hall between 1:00 and 3:00PM.  When people come to collect their food, we serve refreshments and the gathering that takes place leads to opportunities for mutual help. Our food bank is now live on - you can follow us for live updated info on food needed.

If you have found yourself in this position, please call Pauline Firman (Co-ordinator) on 07929 908406 or Eileen Matthews on 07731 535967, who can advise on the help available. If you are in a position to donate food or financial support, we would be most grateful. Please call Pauline or bring your donation to Chaparral, Downsview Road, Headley Down, GU35 8JH

Look out for the next
Big Dog Walk

Our walk in June was such a success, we're going to do it all again! Tune back in for some more canine capers in the Autumn!

Kids Playing Tug of War
Coffee Time

We warmly invite you to CoffeeTime. Open at the church from 10.30am -12 noon every Friday morning.

Serving fresh coffee and cakes for a donation only.

We are open to the community and all are welcome,

so come in for a cuppa and a chat.


Make Time for Coffee Time!

Family Moments
Home Groups

Come and join us at one of our weekly home groups. For more information please contact Martin or John.

Young girls
Headley Down Chatterbox Children (HDCC)

This runs on the first Saturday of each month and is open to school age children. Each child is charged £1 per session and parents are requested to stay with their children to help with adult/child ratios.

Refreshments are available and each session brings at least 4 different crafts. These include scratch boards, badge making, colouring, card making at Mother􏰃s Day, Easter etc., painting and glitter crafts. Wood craft, in making bug hotels and bird feeders, also takes place on occasion. Each month has a different theme depending on the month ahead. Special festivals are celebrated including Easter, Christmas, Mothers Day, Spring and New Beginnings.

The children are allowed to explore each craft table as and when they choose. There is no set limit to their creations, the main purpose being that they have fun and enjoy what they do.


Chatterboxes get together between 10am-midday on a Tuesday morning in term time. There is plenty of refreshment to enjoy.

We have different crafts or hobby’s going on from dress making to beaded sewing, crochet to drawing. We welcome anyone who wants to join in with craft activities or just come along for a chat. 

People giving a high five
Girls Together

For more senior members of Junior Church (10 years+) we have a separate group, 'Girls Together' meet monthly on every third Sunday. Together we spend time chatting, playing games, discussing our faith and everything else in-between!

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