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A New Building FOR.....

the next Generation

In February 2021, Julian Gilbertson and Paul Grant were commissioned by church leadership to undertake a radical new reappraisal of the opportunities and difficulties. Julian & Paul undertook a comprehensive site study with several local companies. This included the possibility of relocating the church, selling land, campus development and more. In the end the TPO (tree preservation order) restrictions meant that we could only build on the present footprint. In reality, because of Julian’s work commitments, it fell to Paul to do most of the many hours work on this and subsequent matters.


The next stage was to invite 4 architects and 5 design and build contractors to quote for a feasibility study. An experienced specialist church architect, Jeremy Bell (JKBS Architects) was appointed in August 2021 to work with us.


Over the years the vision for the project has changed. For example, there has grown a greater willingness to use the main church for social events as well as worship. The 2010 plans did not include a Food Bank which are now front and central to plans currently under development. The 2014 plans approved by EHDC planning dept were not activated because of the challenges of fundraising.


The feasibility study is now nearing it conclusion and the plans are being assessed. Given that construction costs have increased significantly since the beginning of the New Year further design and build options are also being looked at.



Various in-house initiatives have taken place in the last 6-8 months to raise funds, which has been greatly appreciated. We now need to address the projected, significant shortfall before contractors can start on site. Church leadership has recognised the need to investigate the potential possibilities of professional fundraising assistance beyond the conclusion of the feasibility study, when we will have a clear financial picture.


We await with excitement as we draw this feasibility study to a close and look forward to embarking on a sustained period of fundraising as we wait on the Lord’s guidance for our new church building in Headley Down.

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